Answer These Questions and We’ll Guess Your '50s High School Stereotype

Answer These Questions and We’ll Guess Your '50s High School Stereotype

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The 1950s was a fairly influential decade. It was made up of wild fashions, the breakout of rock’n’roll music and the free-spirit movement started to become a thing. Many types of music and fashion from the times have come back in recent decades and some things (blue jeans, tight white shirts, black boots, etc.) have never gone out of style. It was a wild time for stereotypes as well, which have been used prominently in movies and other media for the past several decades. If you were a teen in the 50s, you probably have a clear image of what stereotype you fit into back then. For anyone else who is just a fan of the era, answer these fun and intriguing personality questions, and we’ll tell you what 50s stereotype you most likely would have been. So, throw on some Elvis, grab a milkshake and enjoy this entertaining personality quiz!

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