Origins of Olympics Sports

Origins of Olympics Sports

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The Olympics are an international sporting event held every four years that brings together athletes from virtually every nation in the world. Both the summer and winter games draw huge attendance figures and enormous television audiences. Some sports are certainly more popular than others, and other sports seem to come and go. In this quiz, your task will be to try to identify WHEN particular sports were 1st introduced into the Olympics. I will provide you with the sport, and you have to identify what year was the genesis of the sport in the Olympics. Let's say that if you get at least 20 of these 25 questions right, you win the gold medal in terms of Olympics Trivia! Good luck!

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Dave Morrissey

Dave Morrissey

Dave was an accomplished economics instructor in the prestigious International Baccalaureate program for over 2 decades. He is currently a scout, recruiter, coach, and social media creator for a university football team who loves live music, jet skiing, and international travel.

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